Who Gets the Spot… Miami Hurricanes’ Quarterback Spot Is Up For Grabs

Down here, in sunny Miami, Florida, four guys vying for the honor to call themselves the Miami Hurricane’s starting quarterback.  The quarterback of a football team is such an important role.  He is the captain of the ship.  The appointed man needs to be quick and impulsive, but still patient and has good instincts.  He needs to be able to launch the ball 50 yards down the field or scramble through the offensive line to pick up the last few yards needed for a first down.  By his peers, he is the most protected man on the field, but with his pads he is the least protected.  The quarterback of a team is the central point that the entire rest of the team predominately will be built around.

Whenever a team loses their quarterback, it is never a safe bet as to how the team will perform the following year.  A team can have great talent and still miss the mark if the right guy is not leading the team.  Not to say that every position doesn’t have its role and is not equally as important, but the quarterback is involved in every single offensive play in the entire game, barring a kick.

Without further ado, the guys up for the job are as follows: Evan Shirreffs, a three-star athlete from Jefferson, Georgia is a redshirt sophomore. Malik Rosier, a redshirt junior, out of Mobile, Alabama, played in six games last season as the teams primary backup to Brad Kaaya.  N’kosi Perry, a true freshman out of Ocala, Florida, is also a contender for the open position.  Lastly, Cade Weldon, also a true freshman, out of Tampa, Florida is looking to take on the role.

Teams like Miami, are very marketable for freshmen quarterbacks, just coming into college.  Without a definite decision on who will play the position, it gives incoming freshman an opportunity to play on the biggest stage of their lives.  Some would say redshirting a season and getting comfortable with the plays is important.  I say “some guys got it and some guys don’t”.  You can’t tell me that true freshman Deondre Francois, Florida State, or Jalen Hurts, Alabama, did not look like they belonged out on the field last year.

With any of these candidates there will be trials and there will be things that they excel at and things that will need to be learned in time.  Nonetheless, I do not envy Mark Richt for having to make this decision, with what seems like four very possible candidates.  Richt has told the media that he will look to identify his starting quarterback after the second scrimmage.  However, if he has a candidate in mind he is being very hush hush about his thoughts, making sure that as far as all the fans and media are concerned all four possibilities look to be on an even playing field.

The question will be, once Richt is allowed into the practices, will one quarterback excel from the pack?  Will one person stand out, or maybe even two?  Will the first couple games be trial and error for the Miami Hurricanes?  In my personal opinion I would doubt all four of these guys play.  I would assume one of the true freshmen will redshirt this season.  But until the season starts, it is all just assumptions.

Whoever gets the starting role, I am sure will be deserving.  If they have to shuffle quarterbacks against Bethune Cookman to see who they are going to continue on starting throughout the year, than that is alright.  But, best believe, they better have their quarterback situation figured out by Week 3 when they take on Florida State at Doak Campbell Stadium, in Tallahassee.

So who gets the job?  Guess we are just going to have to wait and see.


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